Marketing Specialist

Marketing Specialist


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  1. Edited JB Borromeo’s ebook, “The New Generation Entrepreneur”
  2. Yana Spa: Feel Well to Live Well
  3. Web Content: Venjo Reyes: World-class Golf Instructor
  4. Company Profile for PromoWorks Inc.
  5. Marketing Material for Elements: Eco-efficient Homes
  6. Web Content: About Us for Wall Crown Philippines
  7. Franchise Offer Letter for “Licksticks”
  8. Web Content for Golden Season Grain Center Inc. (GSGCI)
  9. For “Shell World – Philippines Issue 9 2008” – Summer to Remember 2008
  10. For “My Wedding Philippines” – Are You Really Ready for Marriage?
  11. For “My Wedding Philippines” – The Ugly Truth of Marriage
  12. On “Definitely Filipino” – Seeing Differently: 10 Benefits of Work
  13. On “Definitely Filipino” – Truth or Consequences
  14. On “Definitely Filipino” – 10 Convictions to Live For
  15. On “Cord of Three Strands” – Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin? Part 1: Prelude to a Kiss
  16. On “Cord of Three Strands” – Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin? Part 2: Exploring the Myths & Benefits of Singlehood
  17. On “Cord of Three Strands” – Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin? Part 3: This Is It!
  18. On “Organized Lunacy” – Love in the Time of Millenials
  19. How Could I Love You Best? | Live Radio Reading by DJ Faye @ 107.5 Wish FM

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