1.) Should we always feel happy, really?

2.) Shouldn’t we also put up with the pain of being alone so that we appreciate it better when we’re spending time with others?

3.) Is happiness only found by being with people?

4.) Shouldn’t we also appreciate loneliness in all its forms so that we have a better understanding of how it is to be truly happy whether with others or just by ourselves?

5.) Is happiness just a feeling, more of a disposition or attitude we choose on how we see ourselves and our situation?

6.) Shouldn’t we have our own version of happiness without comparing it with others?

7.) Must we really feel always happy?

8.) Should we compare the depths of our suffering with our brief moments of happiness?

9.) Must we depend on just one person, thing, or goal that will give us ultimate happiness?

10.) What if that person disappears, that thing gets destroyed, or you fail to achieve that goal?

11.) Should we measure happiness by the length of time we feel it in the moment or should we sometimes feel content with our past happy times?

12.) What if we actually grow more mature by dealing with our present sorrows despite its intensity?

13.) Should we force ourselves to be happy or force others to make us happy?

14.) What if being happy is often actually found by making others happy, even if you yourself are going through your own darkest times without them knowing it?

15.) How much suffering could one heart hold?

16.) How many tears could our eyes allow?

17.) How much torment could one mind take?

18.) How could we make meaningful connections with others while going through the motions of daily living?

19.) How could we be truly happy, albeit briefly, by living in the moment and learning from it every step of the way?

20.) Should we really always feel happy?

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