My heart swelled with joy and inspiration last night as I personally witnessed an amazing couple’s renewal of vows after 50 wonderful years of marriage (and counting) within the mass celebration, and whose reception I hosted afterwards.
Here are three lessons I learned from them:
1.) True and lasting love is more than just a feeling.
It’s a decision and a commitment. For married people, it requires some form of “dying to self daily,” and some sacrifices for the benefit of one another.
2.) Don’t try to change your spouse. Accept them as they are.
Only help them to become the best version of themselves, but don’t force it.
3.) Lasting and fulfilling marriages are more than just a product of the couple’s hard work. They’re a masterpiece of God.
As the couple obeys Him, their intimacy grows and their bond for each other gets stronger through the years, even blessing other couples (and families) along the way as they mentor them.
Event Hosted: 3 Love Lessons: Mr. & Mrs. Ed & Cora Depano
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