In this age of information overload, it’s sickeningly amazing (and terrifying too) how so many so-called “friends” you could have on social media at any given day.

You’d think they’re either interested to really know you and maybe support your cause. But think again, some of them actually just wants to stalk you, lurk at your every post, or worse, hack your account.

Well, I’m getting fed up with all the crap that comes with “Facebook (FB) friends” status that I just unfriended about 20 “FB friends” the other day, and will continue to do so moving forward.

Here are my five plain no-holds-barred reasons for spring-cleaning my FB friends:

  1. I’m sure it won’t hurt them because they’re not liking or commenting on my FB posts anyway. And neither did I communicate with these people on this platform in recent months or years.
  2. I don’t aim for just mere great numbers in my relationships, whether that’s virtual or real-life (especially). That could be the reason why I haven’t reached the limit on Facebook friends yet, unlike the famous and “feeling-famous” on FB. I’m neither of the two anyway.
  3. I’m a friendly person but I’m not a “friend-to-all” guy. I’m a “mutual-value hunter.” I pursue relationships that mutually “add value” to both parties. I believe that friendship is always (and will forever be) a two-way and not a one-way street.
  4. I dislike, no, I loathe “users.” I hate just being used, especially if it’s not a business transaction. I’m not a thing or a product, so don’t use me.
  5. I’m also not a number so don’t just use me to grow your social meter popularity statistics. I’m not joining the popularity contest. I have my own race to run.

Sad but true that one of the many comments I had when I posted this personal news on FB says that out of her 1000+ FB friends, it seems that based on her FB interactions, there’s only going to be 1 out of 1000 who would actually be there for her when a need arises.

Ironically, no wonder why so many people still feel so lonely and alone despite the prevalence and addictive use of social media.

After all is said and done, the presence of communication really deepens both personal and professional relationships.

If I’m not either giving or getting that to and from any of my FB contacts, I might as well part ways with them than just have them like a meaningless decoration to an already messy wall.

Enough said, let me go back to my spring-cleaning.

Adrian is a professional Events Host, Writer, Teacher, and Change Catalyst. He's a world-class emcee creating fun, memorable, and meaningful events. As a change catalyst, his mission is to inspire personal development so people could have better lives with brighter future, against all odds. An IELTS- and TESOL-certified English Trainer, he's also a prolific Tagalog Tutor.