We’ve all been there, and some of us are here in this moment, when nothing spectacular is happening. Times when you feel like you’re just going through the motions to make things happen. Same old boring strokes, but you don’t seem to be achieving anything.

Success doesn’t always come easy, especially for the great majority like you and me who were not born with a silver spoon. But big breaks do happen, only when the time is right and when you’re already set and ready for it.

Here are six easy ways to get to that desired destination.

1. Master your craft
Whatever skills you have, improve it further. Learn from the experts in your field. Attend a related seminar. And when you’re ready, success will find you.

2. Read widely
Reading could be therapeutic. It’s also a good escape from a boring reality. Reading could even enhance your creativity.

3. Nurture yourself
Be in your best shape and state of mind. Less busy times could give you this opportunity. For marketers, image is everything so always be in your best form.

4. Be productive
Your sense of achievement in one area could motivate you in areas you find challenging to do. Emotion follows action so do something…anything!

5. Build connections
Connect to serve, and not just to get help. People don’t like “users.” When you do good to people, in time, they could return
the favor to you one way or another.

6. Marketing wins
Marketing should be a daily task an artist or an entrepreneur must do, especially freelancers. Marketing will expand your business opportunities.

6 Easy Steps To Help You Get Your Big Break - Adrian Pantonial

Adrian is a professional Events Host, Writer, Teacher, and Change Catalyst. He's a world-class emcee creating fun, memorable, and meaningful events. As a change catalyst, his mission is to inspire personal development so people could have better lives with brighter future, against all odds. An IELTS- and TESOL-certified English Trainer, he's also a prolific Tagalog Tutor.