While considering budget, you could still pick the best event host from among many. Don’t be fooled by just mere low talent fees. And being high-priced doesn’t always mean high-quality either. Here are ways to help you find exactly the event host you need.

1. Check if your prospect has a Facebook page.
This shows how serious they are about what they do. Also, look for their events hosted portfolio there.

2. Does this person have a website?
A website shows credibility, and to some extent, a person’s capacity to deliver what’s required for the job.

3. Ask for hosting video samples, not just photos.
Videos will tell you a lot about their tone of voice, fluency, and how they make the crowd come alive.

4. How do they communicate?
How’s their choice of words? Do they sound demanding or courteous? Do they match the audience’s language?

5. Investigate their personality & character.
Character is power. If their videos don’t give clues, check how they write or comment on their social media posts.

6. Do they have good past client reviews?
Check their Facebook Page’s “Reviews” tab. If none, are there social media comments of past clients? What do they say?

7. Impromptu & ad libs in their videos
Events have unpleasant surprises. How does this host make the best out of it? Do they depend on scripts?

8. Extra-mile to wow clients & guests
Based on your background investigation, does this host have a reputation of doing extra-mile efforts or would he do it?

8 Tips To Choose Your Best Event Host - Infographic

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