10 Reasons Why We Stop Reading A Book

by Adrian Pantonial

After eight years, I finally finished reading Philip Yancey’s “The Jesus I Never Knew.” Ok, let me explain. I was a new Christian when I first tried reading it, which was after reading “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” by the same author.

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I bought my own copy of the “The Jesus…” only to see it has more “big words” in it and scholarly records of The Man I’m interested about. Along the way, I lent the book to my first church discipler and it was not returned to me for some reason. Years went on then months ago, I swapped books by the same author with a church friend and alas…I finished it! Hooray!

So far, I have read more than 111 books in my adult life and I resolve to read more because it helps me grow in many ways.

Although I still have unfinished books, I somehow learned to overcome these reasons why people stop reading a book:

  1. Procrastination
  2. Lack of self-discipline
  3. Lack of space and time
  4. Major life issues
  5. The author has a boring writing style
  6. The book’s overall design is dull
  7. The book fails to address my current felt needs
  8. The book no longer inform, entertain or inspire
  9. The topic being discussed can actually be finished in just a few chapters
  10. Got distracted with reading a new book

To complete our much-needed reading, here are my suggestions.

Read more to write more but don’t forget to live more too, ok? ;)

Question: What makes you stop reading a book?