Can’t Finish A Book? Try These!

by Adrian Pantonial

With the rise and rampant use of social media like Facebook, Twitter etc., many are losing interest in reading books because it requires a lot of time and dedication, like getting tied into a short-term relationship.

As of this writing, I have now completed reading 108 books through the years.  But like many book lovers, I too have my own share of unfinished books. Not that I neglect them thoughtlessly, it’s just inevitable sometimes…

  • the excitement that I had when I started reading these books weren’t sustained by the authors
  • and sometimes, I got tempted to start a new book to read so I’ll get back to them later or
  • I think I already know the gist of the book’s message

While others have a knack of finishing a book in just one sitting, I don’t – except if it’s a booklet or a flyer. Considering that weakness, below are some ways I do to finish a book while the inner pressure to finish it ASAP rages. Always carrying a book in my bag, I read while waiting…

1.)   At long queues in fast food chains, bookstores, trains, utility bill offices

2.)   For another person to arrive at our appointment

3.)   For my food to be served at a restaurant

4.)   Before an event or a program to start

5.)   In the midst of heavy traffic on my travels to and from work

Of course, I look around first as needed to secure my safety, and I read my book when I’m alone so as not to be labelled an anti-social.

Question: How about you? What do you do to finish reading a book?