This and that, here and there,
are all my broken pieces
scattered everywhere.

All the negativity.
Everyone who has hurt and rejected me.
And everything that causes needless pain.
I lay them all aside right there
as I take on another long and rough journey.

The burdens have become
way too heavy to bear.
My shoulders are aching
with the weight of the world.
My eyes swollen and hollow
from long nights of weeping.

I just want to get away.

Away from the shallow and one-sided relationships.
Away from broken promises
causing too much heartaches.
Away from the world of lies and rat race of pipe dreams.

I just need to get away.

And when all my broken pieces have turned
from shards of glass to grains of sand,
let it be tossed away in the ocean
where I could feel
my much-needed peace and quiet,
floating with hope
though shimmering in the cold,
ever looking forward still
to a better and brighter tomorrow.

There, over the rainbow,
let all my broken pieces gather
to disappear in mid-air.

Here are all my broken pieces…
will you take me as I am?


Adrian is a professional Events Host, Writer, Teacher, and Change Catalyst. He's a world-class emcee creating fun, memorable, and meaningful events. As a change catalyst, his mission is to inspire personal development so people could have better lives with brighter future, against all odds. An IELTS- and TESOL-certified English Trainer, he's also a prolific Tagalog Tutor.