July 31, 2017 – Sir Joel Ysmael Distajo, the General Manager of Health Alert / Holy Cross Medical and Diagnostic Center, contacted me about two weeks prior to their August 12 event.

After giving him some information about my event hosting portfolio, package, and my professional fee for their type of event, it took two days before I heard from him again. It was August 2 when he called me back and within the same week, we arranged to meet to prepare this surprise event, mainly, for his beloved sister.

When we had our planning meeting, he told me that he had the impression that the other event hosts whom he called work for comedy bars. And he doesn’t want that kind for their celebration. No offense meant to fellow hosts, but this too, is a talent. There are, in fact, clients who prefer that kind of emcee. I’m just not that type. To know my personality as a seasoned events host, watch my video on YouTube, “The 6 Ironic Traits of the Host for All Seasons.”

Unlike majority of big events I hosted, they prefered an intimate number of invited guests with only 60 to 70 people, mostly immediate family, relatives, friends, and staff of their clinic. The venue was at Anix’s House of Kare-Kare in Scout Borromeo, South Triangle, Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Aside from the number of guests, I felt even more at ease after knowing that Sir Joel is a Christian too like myself. The planning meeting flowed like a breeze and went smoothly.

Since it’s a dual celebration, I suggested that we do the first half of the programme before dinner for his sister’s “welcome back party,” and after dinner, his 48th birthday celebration.

Sir Joel shared inspiring stories about his sister, Mrs. Maria Luz Paredes, a.k.a. “Malou” to her family and friends, who served as the bread winner among three siblings, which also meant that she never got to celebrate her debut when she turned 18.

She made impressive achievements for her family. As part of her labor of love, she helped her two siblings during their college studies. When she was in college, she was known as Ms. MCU. She finished a course in Business Administration there. She was very studious so consequently she was a consistent scholar at her university.

She’s a very hardworking, goal-oriented person, and a fun-loving woman. In her pursuit for a better life for herself and her family, she went to the U.S. and have been staying there for 9 years now. She is the CEO of Health Alert / Holy Cross Medical and diagnostic center and the founder of the House of the Lord Worship Center. Her love for God made her devoted to charitable projects. She’s a mother of one blessed child.

A few of her loved ones feel like she still hopes to be a celebrity even at her age because she’s a dancing queen. Even in the U.S., she’s also an avid fan of ABS-CBN’s telenovela “Wildflower.” Eventually, she also plans to retire in the Philippines.

During the surprise tribute to Ma’am Malou, we had like a debut dance with 12 roses. And he gave her a plaque of appreciation too for all the love and help she has given to their family, their church, and their clinic.

After dinner, it was time for Sir Joel’s turn to shine.

Sir Joel is a very hardworking guy and another avid fan of ABS-CBN’s telenovela “Wildflower.” For his leisurely time, he loves watching movies. He loves his two daughters so much that he hopes for them to finish their college studies and achieve their dreams in life.

His devotion to God lead him to be a faithful administrator of the week-on-week worship services held at The House of the Lord Worship Center as well as helping the poor and the needy within their spiritual community.

Sir Joel has been in the medical services industry for 25 years now, and with the support of his family, as their business’ General Manager, he established Health Alert Medical & Diagnostic Center from the ground up and now has a thriving staff of 20 people.

He surely had a blast of celebration because his cake candles even had fireworks with it. Like what we did for Ma’am Malou, he also had greeters from among their guests. And one of the many fun parts of the celebration, aside from the crazy Bring-Me game and Pass-the-Orange-with-Your-Neck parlor game, was the personalized trivia game about both of them. The questions that Sir Joel and his family thought of were both interesting and entertaining. An uproar of laughter and applause filled the venue that memorable night.

This dual-celebration was even graced by a 2016 ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Boyband Superstar contestant, Jester Hernandez, who serenaded them with a series of songs videoke style.

And because Ma’am Malou loves zumba which makes her even more young-looking despite her age, I concluded the programme by introducing their zumba instructors. I even enjoyed dancing along with them for a few minutes even if I had trouble following their zumba dance’s easy steps. Haha!

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