Here’s my email reply to a home-based job application invite that requires a video resume with a “preferred background”… 

Hello, [Company Name].

I have read several emails from you on this, and I just want to point out one thing that’s why I’m not applying, and maybe too why most other people are not doing the same.


Something is wrong with your job ad here in this line: “Background must be a plain blank, concrete wall (no curtains) – clean white is highly preferred.”

Some people may NOT apply because they live in homes that don’t have your preferred set up, like I do. I’m renting a place in your nearby city. It’s decent, but it doesn’t have your requirement.

Your line up there may be discriminating to some potentially qualified people who live in “less comfortable homes.” People who are good in terms of qualifications: communication skills, character, work ethics etc. But they may not apply because of your “highly preferred” background set up.

Remember that you’re looking for “Home-based” Virtual Assistants, and NOT “Office-based.”

In a country where more than half of the population are considered below middle-class, how many “qualified applicants” do you expect to apply with your “background requirement”?

I understand that professionalism is a requirement given that applicants once hired would be working with international clients. But do we prioritize looks or image more than communication skills, character, work ethics etc.?

For your consideration, it may be best if you add that: “This requirement is only for this video resume. You could work elsewhere, if needed.” Or something to that effect.

If you don’t reply to this email or not consider my suggestion, please STOP SENDING ME THIS KIND OF EMAIL. Thank you.

#PatolaMode #NoToDiscrimination #WeAreStillAThirdWorldCountry#WeNeedBetterJobsFirstBeforeWeCouldHaveBetterHomes

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