It’s just 18 days, but so many things could happen and so many things could change in you.

Enrolling at Informatics Manila’s TESDA NC2 Call Center Training can teach a lot of practical and technical lessons that could last a lifetime.

Some of these are:

1. Adherence or being punctual. Filipino time should be on-time.
2. Learning to have a passion for lifelong learning and personal growth
3. Going back to the basics of English to hone the foundational skills.
4. How to pronounce words properly and knowing what they actually mean.
5. Having the right mindset and habits for learning
6. Knowing about different personality types at work for harmonious relationship
7. How to dress well, look good, and feel good because people judge you by the way you look, smell, and talk
8. You will learn how to work in teams which prepares you for real-life work scenario.
9. You will learn how to appreciate the blessings you’ll receive each day keeping you in a positive vibe all day.
10. Life lessons that build your morale and molds your values which you could pass on to family and friends

These are just a few things that you could learn if you enroll in this 18 days TESDA NC2 Call Center Training at Informatics College – Manila Campus.

There are so many things to learn and this is just the beginning. But the great thing about this is that we’re learning how to create helpful and good habits that will transform us to become the best version of ourselves not only for today…but for life!


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