Yay! My poem “How Could I Love You Best?” was read by DJ Faye Wish 107.5 tonight, July 3, 2017  THANK YOU, DJ Faye. Thank you so much, Sir Jose Roy Ayo, for recording it. I so appreciate it po.

For those of you who’d like to listen to the live on-air radio recording, please click the Podbean link below. 


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“How Could I Love You Best?”

I could love you best by not judging you
by mere appearance, whether by your beauty
or the lack of it, depending on where,
when, or what situation I see you in.

I could love you best by not only appreciating
who you are now and who you could still
potentially become;
but also knowing you more through your past,
no matter how dark or terrible it was.

I could love you best by not only showing you
physical affections; but also by trying to fill
your inner void, valuing your need for
further growth and significance.

I could love you best by not expecting too much or setting unrealistic standards,
by giving you enough leeway to make mistakes, and enough space
for yourself when you need it.

I could love you best by letting you take charge
at times where your strength is needed most;
while I just support you by all means and all the way,
when that’s the only best thing I can do.

I could probably love you best by loving you…
most likely, the way I love myself.

Adrian is a professional Events Host, Writer, Teacher, and Change Catalyst. He's a world-class emcee creating fun, memorable, and meaningful events. As a change catalyst, his mission is to inspire personal development so people could have better lives with brighter future, against all odds. An IELTS- and TESOL-certified English Trainer, he's also a prolific Tagalog Tutor.