“Thank you, God, for the streams in the desert season of my life right now.

It’s been really rough, but You made me tough enough, not only to endure the pains and suffering, but to excel in it even.

You’ve customized all the challenges for my good and Your glory so that my strength and humility are forged and will ever shine through the fire.

I will not break, but will break through it while in this season of testing.

You intentionally closed some doors of opportunities for me for a reason, because You love me unconditionally and want the best for me.

You not only will make a way out of it this long dark tunnel of my trials, but You’re making a way through it all.

Thank You, God, that You’re not giving up on me.

Thank You, Heavenly Father, because with You in my life the best is yet to come.

My foresight of my present may be bleak right now, but I see a bright future with eyes of faith.

You amazing God, Creator of heaven and earth, will make my spring rains fall in its due season.

I claim victory in Jesus’ name!

You’re worthy to be praised, Lord Jesus!”

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