I’ve been eagerly wanting to visit their dining place since 2017 after hearing that my wedding hosting clients, Joanna and Vinh Hoang, have put up an authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Maginhawa Street, Quezon City.

Their place was already featured on Northern Living magazine and was visited by award-winning TV broadcast journalist, Jessica Soho. They were even serenaded by the UP Singing Ambassadors one time while dining there.

And because I and my friend Milo were too eager, we arrived at Saigon Pho PH at 11:30 a.m. while they’re still closed (they open at 12 noon, like most restaurants in Maginhawa). So we had to chill out somewhere else first.

When we came back, we were lucky to be the first customers and saw the lovely and friendly couple busy as they start their day.

We were impressed by how artistic the place was designed, with colorful photos on the walls (some were Joanna’s shots) and artsy chalk calligraphy which Joanna painstakingly makes herself. Their TV was playing a video of a foreigner touring Vietnam and showing their culture, lifestyle, and food.

At first I wanted to order both noodles and rice meals because I came there really hungry. But good thing I didn’t because the Pho Ga, Vietnamese chicken noodles, was yummy and more than enough to fill my empty stomach.

For my drink, I ordered Tra Sen Lotus Tea which was really cool, refreshing and has a pleasant aroma too.

Milo ordered Bun Bo Hue beef noodle which is one of their best sellers and cold Ca Phe Sua Da which was served with a fancy coffee filter.

Good thing there were only a few customers at that time because Joanna suggested for us to also use their authentic Vietnamese brown sauce (I forgot what it’s called. Haha!) to make our noodles even much tastier.

It was an overall awesome experience. Their food and drinks looks good and taste good too! I will definitely come back to bring my other friends.

Experience and get a taste of Vietnam at Saigon Pho PH!


For reservations, contact: +63 999-807-1628 or (02) 848-3355.

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