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  1. Web Content for Denford’s Hotel Supplies
  2. Proofreader and project Manager for Mike Grogan’s book “The MESSI Way.”
  3. Edited JB Borromeo’s eBook, “The New Generation Entrepreneur”
  4. Translated from English to Filipino, Mike Grogan’s book: “7 Ugaling Filipino na Babago sa Mundo.”
  5. Yana Spa: Feel Well to Live Well
  6. Web Content: Venjo Reyes: World-class Golf Instructor
  7. Company Profile for PromoWorks Inc.
  8. Marketing Material for Elements: Eco-efficient Homes
  9. Web Content: About Us for Wall Crown Philippines
  10. Franchise Offer Letter for “Licksticks”
  11. Web Content for Golden Season Grain Center Inc. (GSGCI)
  12. For “Shell World – Philippines Issue 9 2008” – Summer to Remember 2008
  13. For “My Wedding Philippines” – Are You Really Ready for Marriage?
  14. For “My Wedding Philippines” – The Ugly Truth of Marriage
  15. On “Definitely Filipino” – Seeing Differently: 10 Benefits of Work
  16. On “Definitely Filipino” – Truth or Consequences
  17. On “Definitely Filipino” – 10 Convictions to Live For
  18. On “Cord of Three Strands” – Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin? Part 1: Prelude to a Kiss
  19. On “Cord of Three Strands” – Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin? Part 2: Exploring the Myths & Benefits of Singlehood
  20. On “Cord of Three Strands” – Bakit Single Ka Pa Rin? Part 3: This Is It!
  21. On “Organized Lunacy” – Love in the Time of Millenials
  22. How Could I Love You Best? | Live Radio Reading by DJ Faye @ 107.5 Wish FM

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